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Mauritius is renowned the world over for its white sandy beaches, the clean nice warm seawater, and the turquoise blue lagoons. Tourists from over the world come to Mauritius to enjoy there holidays on the Mauritian beaches which is simply too big to resist. The seashore of Mauritius is around 330 km long and almost everywhere you can find the nice sandy beaches. Please note that every beach in Mauritius is public.

The coastal regions of Mauritius offer the best place in the Indian Ocean for water sport. Water sport such as: surfing, kite surf, wind surf, diving, and fishing.

Kite surfing and Wind surfing are practiced in the lagoon of Le Morne. The ‘One eye’ spot and ‘Manawa’ spot is famous in Mauritius. In Le Morne there are many Kite school which offer courses for beginners.

Le Morne Public Beach 

Le Morne village and public beach is about 3kms from La Gaulette. There is a history on this village and its mountain. This village has been founded by former slaves. In the eighteen and start of nineteen century, slaves escaped from their owners and hide on the top of ‘Le Morne Barbant’ mountain. They went at the top of the mountain to get a good view when their owners are coming to capture them. These slaves end up their life when they jumped from the 550 meter high (apparoximately) of  Le Morne Mountain fearing to be captured by their owners. It is in 2008 that ‘Le morne Brabant’ has been declared as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

There are three beaches at the foot of Le morne Brabant. To go to Le Morne beach from La Gaulette, you should take the round-about which is on your right between Cotteau Raffin village and Le Morne village. This road will lead you directly to the beach. You will first come across some hotels such as ‘Le Paradis’ and ‘Dinarobin’. The first public beach is after Dinarobin hotel. The white coral sand beach is very beautiful and a destination for a weekend trip of many locals. The sea water is clear and provides a stunning visibility which attracts people for swimming and diving. This place is good for swimming, but bewares of strong current when there is cyclone. This place is good to admire sunset.

Take the road a little further, you will come to the next beach of Le Morne. The beach is found between Le Pavillon hotel and Berjaya hotel. It is a small beach of about 500 meters. At this beach there is a toilet and a bath room. The last beach of Le morne Brabant is found some meters away between Le Berjaya hotel and Indian Resort. This beach is popular for kite surfing and wind surfing. There are two spots at this beach, ‘One eye’ and ‘Manawa’. There are about 300 days of wind in a year at this spot. This spot is perfect for beginners. Swimming and diving is possible there. But, you should orientate a little bit to the right or left of the spot to avoid unpleasant collision with surfers.

La Plairie beach

La Plairie beach is about 6 kms from La Gaulette. The beach is perfect for family and friend gathering. The beach is about 1km long. Please note that sometime there are strong winds.